Dotti Linderman - Oncology Nurse, Age 34

"The thing I love most about this book is that it has suggestions for foods to eat in “Real Life”. I had no problem going out to eat and worrying about what I was going to order. The only way I am going to be successful is to follow a plan that is EASY! I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks, and I can’t wait to loose more!!"


Sugar Rehab:

Overcoming your Secret
Addiction to Sugar and Aerobic Exercise

Is sugar making you fat? Sure, we all know to eat our veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. What most of us don't know is that sugar is lurking around every corner. That "healthy bread" you love so much – have you checked the grams of sugar in each serving? Have you even read the label to see what size a serving of bread is? It may only be one slice, which is half the amount most Americans use to make a sandwich while "dieting."

I am Dr. Gerald Edelman, but you can call me Dr. Jerry. While we're on the topic of "diets," let me be clear: if you are looking for a diet, go away. I cannot help you find temporary relief from your physical complaints. What I can do, and will be happy to do, is help you to establish a whole new way of living. My book, Sugar Rehab, is centered on the lifestyle we are supposed to be leading.

You must make a promise to yourself now: no more crash-diets, no dieting fads, no more assumptions that "organic," "wheat," or "low-fat" labels automatically make something healthier, and finally, no more giving up.

Please understand that you owe it to yourself. Your decision to improve your health with renewed youth is something you want to do. You cannot accomplish such an impressive task for someone else. It's not easy, but in the long-run, I think you will realize that my techniques actually heighten your taste senses. You will crave healthy foods naturally, making healthy choices easier to make.

There's another element to this lifestyle I speak of. We're not just trying to lose weight; we're trying to establish some anti-aging benefits as well. The critical component that you must add to your new eating habits is muscle building. You need weight training to renew and retain your youth.

Don't be fooled by long amounts of cardio exercise. Many people think this is healthy, but it is not. Long hours of cardiovascular exercise deplete hormones associated with youth. It will ultimately make you age faster.

You need to put effort into strength training. Depending on your body type, gender, and personal preferences, there may naturally be areas where you want to build more muscle. The important part is to be building muscle, lifting weights, and rotating through the basic muscle groups each week. This isn't easy work, but my charts in Sugar Rehab will help keep you on track.

Don't worry, because I am here to help. I want you to find sustainable happiness with your body. You want to not only look and feel good, but you want to be healthy. Your loved ones want you to be healthy. Health isn't just about physical aptitude; it's also a mental and emotional state. Let me be your coach, and you'll have a friend to help you navigate a new path in your life.

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